Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

It’s very simple. Fill out the easy to use quote request form below. First tell us the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Next, tell us where the vehicle is located and what condition it’s in. In most cases we’ll give you an instant offer right now. If we can’t give you an instant cash offer on your junk car, we will reach out to as soon as we possibly can.

We’ll tow away your vehicle, for free! No matter where your car is; at home, at the office, even at a body shop, we’ll haul it away for you. In some cases, we can even schedule pick-up in as little as 24 hours.

In almost all cases payment will be issued in the form of either cash or check at the time of pickup.  In some cases (on request) we can arrange to have payment mailed to you if you cannot be present for pickup, but this will need to be arranged prior to the sale.

While we would love to pay for every vehicle in cold hard cash, the reality is that it is often not possible. When we advertise “cash for cars” we are using the dictionary definition of cash, which is legal tender or cash equivalent such as a check. This is opposed to something like a voucher or tax credit. Cash payments are very difficult to track and can pose a safety hazard for the tow driver, so many companies have moved to using checks.  We are proud to say we have never, ever had an unresolved payment issue!

Most definitely not! You will never pay us anything, and we never include hidden charges. When you accept an offer for your vehicle, as long as the stated condition is accurate, that is the exact amount you will be paid at the time of pickup, period!